I'm Noisedeer and you are gonna love what you are about to hear

I studied a higher sound degree, and today I’m a sound design teacher. That’s a sign that tells me I made the right choice.

But the thing I really like to do is to craft music and sounds for brands. Do you know how does it feels to work for an NBA project? I do!

Life is all about challenges, and there is no greater challenge than creating something unique like a melody that moves whoever listens to it. Sounds good? Let’s talk about making awesome stuff!

Some of my work

Highlights of my personal music library

Acoustic indie guitars lead the way in this emotional driven track, followed by heart touching small chamber strings and warm brass.

This track shows some of the infinite soudn design possibilities applied to a simple piano.

Slow paced, ambient electronica sweeps serve as the groundwork for shy but constant analog synths.

Because sometimes the best solution is the simplest one, focusing on the sound texture was the key to make this song just unique.

Let's create our best work together.